Unboxing BLR is a participative and volunteer-driven project to craft a new brand narrative for Bangalore, through multiple media properties and perspectives.
Unboxing BLR is a participative and volunteer-driven project to craft a new brand narrative for Bangalore, through multiple media properties and perspectives.


The City of New Beginnings: Unboxing Bengaluru

A first-ever deep dive that offers a richly researched narrative into India’s most global city.

Coming Soon (Nov 2023) 

By Malini Goyal and Prashanth Prakash

Penguin Random House India


Bangalore is a ‘multiple city’ that has a rich past, spirited present and promising future. Our initiatives aspire to break down the silos and unbox Bangalore for you.

Our projects will collaborate with multiple stakeholders - innovation ecosystem, cultural centres, government bodies, communities and civil society – to document and communicate Bangalore’s journey.

Along the way, we hope to be a catalyst and an enabler to help Bangalore become a better version of itself.


A deeply researched contemporary biography of Bangalore. An authoritative account of the hustle and vibe that has transformed Bangalore from a sleepy pensioners’ paradise to India’s tech capital.

Documentary Series

An engaging 5-6 episode docu-series on Bangalore, created for an OTT platform, produced for the global and digitally savvy audience.


India’s first phygital tech museum showcasing the city’s journey as a tech hub – its past, present & future.

BLR Festival

An annual event, launching in December 2023, is an umbrella for existing and new festivals, celebrating our city's vibrant spirit. Experience Bengaluru's fullness and richness in a two-week festival featuring Lit Fest, Design Fest, Science Fest, Music Fest, Performing Arts, and more.

Urban Digital Screen

An LED screen display at Church Street that engages with artists, content creators, and various city organizations, fostering a dialogue with the public. Acting as a digital noticeboard, it taps into the pulse of the city, broadcasting messages on events, trends, and public discussions.

World Cities Culture Forum

Bengaluru is the first Indian city to be a part of the WCCF, a global network of 40+ cities that share research and intelligence to explore the role of culture in future prosperity. We work closely with WCCF, in our vision to make the city vibrant, inclusive, and global.


We want to build an open and participative city platform – with You and for You. Do send in your ideas and thoughts. Even better, join us if you can on this journey.
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Bangalore is a city of first generation entrepreneurs from MTR to Razorpay, HMT, ITI and BEL to Infosys, Wipro and Biocon, UB to Microbreweries. From a Pensioner's Paradise to a Startup Capital, we have evolved into a pluralistic liberal and futuristic city. This initiative is about branding our city as young, vibrant and futuristic.
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
Founder, Biocon
Great to see this new initiative to unleash Bangalore’s potential even further!
Nandan Nilekani
Chairman & Co-Founder, Infosys | Chairman, UIDAI
"Bengaluru has played a key role in the development of India. As the IT hub, it's the beating heart of the services sector. But Bangalore is not just IT, it's also the startup capital of India. There are thousands of startups that are working on making life easier for Indians and also tackling monumental challenges across everything from climate to finance. I'm really happy that UnboxingBLR is showcasing the story of namma Bengaluru."
Nithin Kamath
Founder & CEO, Zerodha
Over nearly 25 years of living in Bangalore I have seen the city evolve beyond recognition, in both positive and not so good ways. I am super proud of the city and look forward to understanding the underlying story accompanying this amazing transformation.
Meena Ganesh
Portea Medical
UnboxingBLR is a unique collaborative initiative. It has the power to not only tell the story of Bangalore to the world but also shape its future by the dialogues that this creates.
Kris Gopalakrishnan
Co-Founder, Infosys
An initiative that personifies the spirit of Bangalore, and has tremendous potential in setting off a chain reaction - that helps strengthen the entrepreneurial characteristics of Bangalore that make it the city it is!
Mekin Maheshwari
Bangalore is India's most global city and will play a crucial role in India's future in techade. UnboxingBLR is an important initiative to capture Bangalore's journey and its significance.
Atul Satija
Founder, The Nudge
Unboxing Bangalore is a great initiative which will bring out the best emotions of Bangalore from everyone who makes Bangalore what it is. Our city deserves nothing less than the best people putting in their heart and soul into expressing what Bangalore is all about.
Aprameya Radhakrishna
Co-Founder, Koo
UnboxingBLR is a fantastic new initiative to share the story of India's most exciting city - one built by and for passionate changemakers.
Ananth Narayanan
Founder, Mensa Brands
Bangalore is a magical place that is a world leader in technology, weather, inclusion, food and much more! UnboxingBLR is a fabulous initiative to document and highlight the wonders of the city that we gratefully call home.
Eric Savage
Co-Founder & CEO, Unitus Capital
Bangalore is a word that is synonymous for most with technology, start ups, innovation, greenery, lakes, education, an engaged citizenry, a welcoming cosmopolitan culture… all awesome attributes. It’s all that, home and more for me. But, unfortunately it’s also a city which desperately needs better public infra, better governance and to reconnect with its roots. UnboxingBLR is a tremendous initiative to put BLR on the map for all the right reasons. Here’s to bright new aspirations, dreams and beginnings for Blr, here’s to Blr #Unboxed
Nooraine Fazal
Founding Managing Trustee & CEO, Inventure Academy
What makes Bengaluru special? How has the city transformed to become India's tech capital? That story needs to be told. UnboxingBLR is a great initiative in that direction.
K Ganesh
Serial Entrepreneur and Promoter, BigBasket, Portea Medical, HomeLane, BlueStone
Many Congratulations to Unboxing BLR, for taking the first steps to connect and bring resonance to the positive energies that exist in the city today and work towards making Bengaluru a hub of inspiration, achievement and fulfillment.
Shibanee & Kamal Sagar
Total Environment
#UnboxingBlr is a welcome initiative to showcase the multiple hues of Bengaluru that make it special.
V Ravichandar
Hon Director, Bangalore International Centre
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Words of support and encouragement from the leaders and change makers of Bangalore.

The City of New Beginnings

From a pensioner’s paradise the city has now transformed into a vibrant global tech hub where people move to build new startups, build their careers, build their networks and build their homes.

It is today among the world’s fastest growing metropolis. As India’s tech capital, its journey also holds significance for the country’s future too.

Big cities are dynamic & they constantly evolve. The best ones work hard to document their journeys & build a new brand narrative.

Over four decades, Bangalore has transformed from a city for the retired to becoming The City of New Beginnings. 

It is time to tell the story.

You are not in Bangalore. Bangalore is in you.


Join us on this journey
unbox with us!

All the news about UnboxingBLR

“The City of New Beginnings: Unboxing Bengaluru”, co-written by authors Malini Goyal and Prashanth Prakash, is scheduled to release next year, announced Penguin Random House India (PRHI) in a statement.
BENGALURU: India’s technology industry is today pegged at $227 billion plus. It is time the country — the world’s software capital — built its own technology and innovation museum. Unsurprisingly, the country’s tech epicentre Bengaluru is hosting the endeavour. The city will soon house the country’s first Technology & Innovation Museum of India.
In a first, Bengaluru, which is referred to as India’s tech capital, will build a Tech and Innovation Museum in a move to showcase the city's tech, startup and innovation landscape, said Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai while inaugurating the BLR Design Week on December 8 at Hotel Lalit Ashok.
Showcasing the state’s tech, startup and innovation landscape, Karnataka will build a technology and innovation museum in Bengaluru, the state’s chief minister Basavaraj Bommai announced on Thursday.
Bengaluru: In a global first, the launch of Bangalore’s very own Metaverse is set to give a push to the tech city as well as India as global leaders in the 25th Bangalore Tech Summit (BTS) 2022 which is to be held in the city from November 16-18.