An initiative to curate, facilitate and catalyse activities that will enable the citizens and communities of Bangalore to engage better with their city.
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Author: Malini Goyal & Prashanth Prakash

A deeply researched contemporary biography of Bangalore. An authoritative account of the hustle and vibe that transformed Bangalore from a sleepy pensioners’ paradise to India’s tech capital.
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Documentary Series

An engaging 5-6 episode docu-series on Bangalore, created for an OTT platform, produced for the global and digitally savvy audience.


India’s first phygital tech museum showcasing the city’s journey as a tech hub – its past, present & future.
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Digital Platform

An interactive and participative platform that will serve as the home page of Bangalore. A launchpad of new initiatives to:
• Capture stories from Bangalore that need to be told
• Curate experiences that make the city socially vibrant and culturally rich
• Stoke dialogues and trigger conversations to improve civic and neighbourhood engagement within the city


LURU is a metaverse for Bangalore. We are working on the pilot to simulate a metaverse first experience of the city where you can engage in lifestyle experiences right from your home.

BLR Festival

An annual event, launching in December 2023, is an umbrella for existing and new festivals, celebrating our city's vibrant spirit. Experience Bengaluru's fullness and richness in a two-week festival featuring Lit Fest, Design Fest, Science Fest, Music Fest, Performing Arts, and more.

Urban Digital Screen

An LED screen display at Church Street that engages with artists, content creators, and various city organizations, fostering a dialogue with the public. Acting as a digital noticeboard, it taps into the pulse of the city, broadcasting messages on events, trends, and public discussions.

World Cities Culture Forum

Bengaluru is the first Indian city to be a part of the WCCF, a global network of 40+ cities that share research and intelligence to explore the role of culture in future prosperity. We work closely with WCCF, in our vision to make the city vibrant, inclusive, and global.


We want to build an open and participative city platform – with You and for You. Do send in your ideas and thoughts. Even better, join us if you can on this journey.
Join us on this journey
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